All In One Solar Sword

50,000 hrs LED operation and 156w/hrs battery capacity

The Samsung LED module will deliver reliable operation for up to 50,000hrs of operation whilst the battery capacity allows for 10hrs of operation at 100% or 34hrs operation in energy saving mode. The Lithium Ion battery pack is warranted for 3 years of operation and at life's end is easily replaced via  plug and socket connectors.

Fitting construction

Construction of the Solar sword is aluminium alloy with stainless steel fasteners providing corrosion resistance even in the harshest conditions. The adjustable knuckle joint allows for optimum lighting adjustment whilst its sleek design is aesthetically pleasing even to the most discerning eye.

The fitting has a replaceable battery pack accessible via the front cover. Plug in-plug out- its that simple

Remote control programming

The solar sword can be controlled by the infa red remote controller. Programming options include control over the hours of operation and light level intensity. For the maintainer the remote controller  logs the previous weeks operating parameters which includes current operating criteria, charge rates and battery capacity .

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The All In One Solar Sword comes packed with features, including:

The All In One Solar Sword is available in four different models, for more detailed information see the Product Codes page.
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