Split Light & Solar Panel

Integrated Design & Structure

The battery, controller and radar sensor are all integrated into a single fitting. It’s quick and easy to install, with minimal connections that meet Australian standards. It also requires very minimal maintenance.


Microwave Motion Sensor

This in built motion sensor detects any moving objects in the wider vicinity and changes its lighting output levels accordingly. It is not affected by temperature changes or background thermal radiation.


Adjustable Mounting Bracket

Equipped with an adjustable mounting bracket, this allows the solar panel to be positioned on the most efficient angle for lighting absorption. This can easily be altered without having to move the fitting itself.



The in-built smart MPPT solar controller allows the user to adjust brightness and time management settings at the touch of a button.


External Solar Panel

The Solar Panel is separated from the fitting, allowing it to be placed in the best possible position to absorb sunlight. This feature is particularly handy if your light fitting is positioned undercover.


Quick Connection

The prewired MC4 male and female cables connect directly to the PV panels, ensuring a reliable connection that performs under the pressures of harsh outdoor conditions.

The Split Light & Solar Panel is available in four different models, for more detailed information see the Product Codes page.

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